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Krav Maga Extreme Defence Covid-19 Guidelines

At Krav Maga Extreme Defence our student’s and instructor’s safety is our top priority. Considering the current worldwide situation with Covid-19, we have prepared a short guideline that you need to get yourself familiar with. This guideline is aimed at helping us prevent spread of infections and keeping you and others at the gym safe.

General Guidelines

If you or someone else, that you have been in close contact with, have recently been diagnosed with Covid-19, please DO NOT come to training, until cleared by a doctor. Also, make sure to let your instructor know about this immediately.

If you are sick with any other contagious disease or feel like you are just about to get sick, please also DO NOT come to training. Do your training buddies a favour and DON’T get them infected. Go see a doctor instead.

If your temperature is abnormally high (above 37.5 degrees) please DO NOT come into training. See a doctor, get better and come into class once you are back to 100%.

If you show up at the gym and are presenting symptoms of Covid-19 (or any other infectious disease for that matter) you will be asked to leave immediately. The instructor’s decision in this matter is final.

Apart from what we already listed above, please follow the official guidelines that can be found on the HSE’s website, in regards to containing the spread of infections.

If you would like to find out more about Covid-19, you can find information on the HSE’s website at https://www2.hse.ie/coronavirus/.

While At The Gym

There will be hand sanitizer provided at the gym for your use. We kindly ask that you use it before, during and after the class. You are also welcome to bring your own sanitizer, if there is a particular brand that you like.

If you have any cuts/wounds etc. they need to be covered for training. In case your dressing comes off during your workout, stop exercising immediately, notify the instructor teaching the class and you will be given a new one.

Please practice good cough and sneeze etiquette. Nobody likes being coughed or sneezed on, so if you gotta let one out, send it down your elbow pit.

No equipment sharing is allowed between students. You need to have your own groin guard, boxing gloves, shin pads (and a mouthpiece too, but we sincerely hope that you were not thinking about sharing one). Please keep in mind that for level 1 classes shin pads are not needed and boxing gloves are optional.

Equipment that is available at the gym, like focus mitts and tombstone pads, will be cleaned regularly and assigned to you and your training partner for the duration of the class. Make sure to know where you put it down, so you can pick up the same pair of mitts when it’s time for the next technique. Once the class is finished, you will need to wipe the equipment down and leave it clean for the next group. Cleaning wipes will be provided by your instructor.

Contacting Us

If you would like to contact us with any questions about these Covid-19 Guidelines you can simply send an email to info@kmed.ie.

Last Updated – 30th July 2020
Krav Maga Extreme Defence